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City of Rochester, New York - Bid# 400810:  RESIDENTIAL ROADWAY SNOWPLOWING 2013-2013, 2ND ROUND
Specification Summary: 

It is the intention of the city of Rochester to enter into contracts with competent and responsive contractors for plowing the City of Rochester's residential roadways in the manner described herein.

Contractors proposing their services under this contract must supply one (1) well maintained truck with a City-approved Hydroturn plow, or a front end loader, in excellent operating condition that meets the equipment specification, plus an operator, for each route awarded (see Sections 9 and 10).  All equipment intended for use in snowplowing City streets and alleys will be subject to passing the Dry Run inspection on October 26, 2013.

Bid Number:  400810        Issued:  09/30/2013
Bid Open Date: 
10/10/2013     Time:  11:00 am
Contract Type:  Goods and Services
MWBE:   None
APR:   None
Bid Deposit:  $1,000 per route times maximum number of routes, per section 1 of proposal page
Performance Security Requirement:  Performance Security, $1,000 per route
Insurance Requirement:  Yes, per section 14, insurance policies must be in effect at least from October 15 through April 15 of the following year.
Prevailing Wage Rate:  no
Addendum Issued:  no
Bid Opening Results:  Click here for the bid opening results.
Bid Award Date:  11/21/2013

Awardee :

Joe Welch, Rochester, NY - Rte 34

Ken's Snowplowing Services, Fairport, NY - Rte 20

Trimaldi Roadways, Rochester, NY - Rte 22

Frey Street dba JJ Construction, Rochester, NY - Rtes 29, 37, 39, 43, 47, 49

David Krenzer, Scottsville, NY - Rte 51

Bid Specification / Related Documents:  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NON-OFFICIAL BID PACKAGE
Buyer:  Tymothi Howard -
Purchasing Bureau:  585-428-7041

* Mailing Instructions:     The sealed envelope must be addressed with the related bid information. Enter required bid information to the lower left corner on the face of the envelope.
  The Bid Information required is:   The Return Mail Address is:
  1. Bid Number
  2. Bid Title
  3. Bid Open Date & Time
  4. Submitted by

Office of the Purchasing Agent
City Hall, Room 105A
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614

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