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City of Rochester, New York - Bid# C03580:  ASBESTOS ABATEMENT & BUILDING DEMOLITION - 415 ORCHARD ST
Specification Summary: 

Addendum #1 will be issued on Monday, December 16, 2013

This project consists of the improvements to 415 Orchard Street, Rochesterm, New York

The scope of the work consists of the interior and exterior asbestos removal from the building in preparation for building demolition.  The building has been the subject to vandalism and fires within the past several years, leaving the interior of the building significant damage.  Asbestos containing materials are in damaged condition.  The work will also include the removal of two layers of hardwood flooring in order to access non-hazardous petroleum contaminated material on top of the structural floor slab on floors One through Six of the building.  Removal and disposal of miscellaneous elevator oils and other chemicals are included in the work.

This project also includes the demolition of the seven story structure to the first floor slab and the on-site processing of the brick and concrete to 3" minus.  Site grading and a chain link fence enclosure are also part of the project.

Bid Number:  C03580        Issued:  12/02/2013
Pre-Bid Conference:  Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 9:30 am, City Hall Rm#223-B
Bid Open Date: 
01/14/2014     Time:  2:00 pm
Contract Type:  Public Works
Supplementary Documents:  The City of Rochester has adopted uniform Construction Contract Documents to be utilized for Public Works Projects within the City.
MWBE:   This project contains a Minority/Woman Business Enterprise Utilization Goal
APR:   This project contains an Apprenticeship Training Program goal. The City of Rochester promotes apprenticeship training programs in the construction trades. In any City construction project in excess of $250,000, the City of Rochester requires that the contractor have an apprenticeship program approved by the New York State Department of Labor. You should contact the City Engineer if you have any questions about the rules and regulations.
Other Requirements:  This project consists of two (2) Prime Contractors, Contract 1- Asbestos, Contract 2 - Demo
Bid Deposit:  5%
Performance Security Requirement:  100% Performance Bond & Labor & Material Payment Bond
Insurance Requirement:  General Liability & Auto - $1,000,000.00, Workers' Comp & Disability - Statutory Limits
Prevailing Wage Rate:  yes
Spec. Deposit Charge:  $50
Mailing Fee:  $10
Addendum Issued:  yes
Addendum Description:  Addendum#1
Bid Opening Results:  Click here for the bid opening results.
Bid Award Date:  03/03/2014

Awardee :

Titanium Demolition-Remediation Group Inc

Other Information :

PLAN HOLDERS - as of 1/06/2014 (in Rochester area unless otherwise specified)

Mark Cerrone, Inc., Niagara Falls, NY
Total Wrecking & Environmental LLC - Williamsville, NY
Ritter & Paratore Contracting - Utica, NY
National Salvage & Service Corp. - Clear Creek, IN
Empire Dismantlement Corp. - Grand Island, NY
Homeguard Environmental  Roch NY
Empire Wrecking  Roch NY
Sabre Demolition Corporation   Warners, NY
Apollo Dismantling Services   Niagara Falls, NY
Environmental Construction Group   Wayland, NY
Peak Environmental, Owego NY
Rock Environmental  Rochester NY
Frederico Construction & Demo   Roch
Regional Environmental Demolition   Niagara Falls NY
A J Montclair, Inc   Central Square NY
Sullivan Contracting Inc   Sauquoit, NY
Journee Technology Staffing Inc   Roch NY

Bid Specification / Related Documents:  CALL 585-428-7041 TO GET THE FULL BID PACKAGE / SPECIFICATION
Buyer:  Sandra Simon -
Purchasing Bureau:  585-428-7041

* Mailing Instructions:     The sealed envelope must be addressed with the related bid information. Enter required bid information to the lower left corner on the face of the envelope.
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Office of the Purchasing Agent
City Hall, Room 105A
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614

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