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City of Rochester, New York - Bid# 401930:  TRANSIT - MIX CONCRETE
Specification Summary: 

1.1      It is the intent of the City of Rochester to establish a contract for CLASS K, L, L-Dry, CONCRETE, EXPOSED AGGREGATE CONCRETE, PERVIOUS CONCRETE, STATE CLASS D and DP HIGH EARLY STRENGTH CONCRETE, and CONTROLLED DENSITY FILL for general use by the Division of Street Maintenance and other agencies of the City of Rochester.

         1.2      At this time, the City of Rochester is requesting bids only 
                    for the items listed on the Proposal Page.


Bid Number:  401930        Issued:  04/14/2014
Bid Open Date: 
04/30/2014     Time:  11:00 a.m.
Contract Type:  Goods and Services
MWBE:   None
APR:   None
Bid Deposit:  None
Performance Security Requirement:  None
Insurance Requirement:  None
Samples Requirement:  Submission within seven (7) days after notification
Descriptive Literature or  
Technical Data Requirement: 
Submit with bid
Prevailing Wage Rate:  no
Addendum Issued:  no
Bid Opening Results:  Click here for the bid opening results.
Bid Specification / Related Documents:  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NON-OFFICIAL BID PACKAGE
Buyer:  Gary Tomaselli -
Purchasing Bureau:  585-428-7041

* Mailing Instructions:     The sealed envelope must be addressed with the related bid information. Enter required bid information to the lower left corner on the face of the envelope.
  The Bid Information required is:   The Return Mail Address is:
  1. Bid Number
  2. Bid Title
  3. Bid Open Date & Time
  4. Submitted by

Office of the Purchasing Agent
City Hall, Room 105A
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614

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